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Handmade cutlerymade in Mataró, Barcelona

In an increasingly changing world, where growth and productivity prevails at all costs. We, artisans, creators, cooks, artists, makers… claim the power of things well made , as they have always been made, with our hands and soul.

I suggest that we find beauty in everyday life, in the small things surrounding us.

Cooking and cutting tools have been linked since its inception and have accompanied us since the beginning of humanity. Change is inevitable but no matter how much our world evolves, we will always like to cook, enjoy and share a nice meal.

That’s why, just as a chef sacrifices himself every day to make the best food for his customers or family, I make fine tools, forged by hand so that chefs and homecooks can work at ease using an object in which aesthetics and utility come together.

Inspired by the Japanese bladesmithing tradition, I mix ancestral techniques with more modern ones to make small productions of knives made one by one in my workshop.

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I want to feel free to try it,learning new skills,overcoming challenges andhaving fun along the way.

After studying gastronomy and culinary arts, working in some restaurants and traveling the world meeting hundreds of people, I realized the importance of creating, enjoying creating and working for the change we would like to see. The importance of forgotten, humble professions that people don’t care for anymore. To own fewer things and take good care of them .
Young people complain about changes that are destroying the world but we do not fight to keep the most essential. I want to feel free to try it, learning new skills, overcoming challenges and having fun along the way.

I have a great admiration for chefs, their job is one of the most sacrificed ones, and sometimes they don’t get anything in return but the satisfaction of giving your best.
When I got my first good knife working as a professional cook I became obsessed. And I realized how important it is to work with tools that you feel comfortable with. It didn’t change my life but it made my working life a little better. This curiosity led to a great desire to learn how to make knives. Now, after a lot of effort and investment, I’ve left gastronomy to follow this path!